Red Pavement
Spreading Acacia

Common name:Bearberry
Botanical name:Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

A hardy, creeping evergreen shrub, it grows 6-12" high and spreads as much as 10-12'. It has glossy green leathery leaves attached to dark brown branches. Its flowers are white to light pink in late winter and early spring; berries are bright red.

Spreading Acacia

Common name:Spreading Acacia
Botanical name:Acacia redolens

This is a fast, aggressive shrub or groundcover used frequently for embankments. It grows to 3-5' tall by 10-15' wide and can be used in large scale plantings and in difficult situations. It is very hardy. Leaves are grey green. The leaves have a vanilla fragrance when crushed. Light creamy yellow flowers are borne in globular clusters in late winter. This plant is from Western Australia. By the photos, one can see the larger size compared to Desert Carpet?.

Designer: Alrie Middlebrook

Red Pavement

Photographer: GardenSoft

Soils and Compost:

Practice grass-cycling by leaving short grass clippings on lawns after mowing, so that nutrients and organic matter are returned to the soil.

Integrated Pest Management:

Develop healthy soil for plants that are vigorous and naturally pest-resistant.